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About Zip Your Flyer – The Nationwide Leader in E-Flyers

Founded in 2005, Zip Your Flyer has worked to stay ahead of an ever-changing industry while keeping our customer service focus at the front and center. Our driving mission has always been to give real estate agents the best marketing product possible and attentive customer service they will not get anywhere else. Ultimately we understand that successful real estate agents and brokers must present themselves professionally in everything they do. Our products are designed with that in mind. We want to be sure that your client is impressed with you! The Zip Your Flyer technology is paired with the industry’s best designs to provide a truly top-notch product agents and brokerages are proud to be a part of.

Meet our Staff

  • Kristen Thornburg


  • Mark Santas


  • Caitlin Thornburg

    Exec. Vice President/Owner

  • Teresa "Tree" Oskam

    Senior Brokerage Coordinator

  • Mark Hayden

    Production Manager

  • Ron Anderson

    Senior Creative Designer

  • Josh Clayton

    Technical Designer

  • Ashley Ferguson

    Creative Designer

  • Todd Herman

    Production Designer

  • Frank Smith

    Customer Service Coordinator

  • Aaron L'Heureux

    Senior Delivery Specialist

  • Grant Scott

    Delivery Specialist

  • David Schmeling

    Senior Researcher

  • Rhys Doolittle

    Research Asst.

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We’ve been serving real estate agents online since 2005. We think you’ll be impressed with our recent upgrade… Just look at how far we’ve come.

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