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Why Use Zip Your Flyer?

Reasons Why Zip Your Flyer is the Industry Leader in Real Estate Email Marketing:


  1. Technology Centered: Zip Your Flyer was created in 2005 as the first real estate email marketing service and continues to lead the Email Marketing industry in technological advancements. Zip Your Flyer is the first real estate E-Flyer company to gather your listing data from the MLS and provide a proof within 2 hours made by real designers. Zip Your Flyer is also leading the way in terms of industry advancements with the first ever real estate E-Flyer App that incorporates Zip Your Flyer’s own proprietary flyer creation software with our custom delivery software allowing for countless agent communication and sharing features.
  2. Professional and Industry Leading Designs– Automated programs DO NOT WORK! Why spend time moving things around yourself, let our designers take care of it for you, and you still see a proof within 2 hours. Real estate agents should be represented professionally and flyers should be eye-catching with high impact designs that are updated regularly. Zip Your Flyer has the best real estate flyer designs in the industry – see Flyer Templates
  3. Industry First – Zip Your Flyer just launched the first and only E-Flyer app for real estate. The E-Flyer app is internationally patent pending and represents a significant technological advancement in the field of real estate marketing communication from agents to other agents. Agents can see flyers in a real-time feed for their region and share, text, email, map and interact with the E-Flyer and the property links. Email providers have taken too much control over your inbox and what email goes into which folder — and then their algorithm changes and you lose track of your email again. Zip Your Flyer is giving you back control of your E-Flyers with the Zip Your Flyer App.
  4. Same-day E-Flyer creation and delivery is NOT extra. Place your order by 2pm (M-F) and you will have a proof within 2 hours and your E-Flyer can be delivered same-day or at a later date if you choose.
  5. National Partnerships – Zip Your Flyer has national relationships with top agencies along with hundreds of brokerage partnerships nationwide. See our Company Program/Partners menu at the top of our website and visit our High Flyer Brokerage Program page to enroll for free (no obligation or commitments).
  6. Most Up-To-Date Lists – The agent of your listing does NOT impact your E-Flyer deliverability. The inbox placement of your email flyer depends on the sender reputation, your “from” and “subject” lines and the email list maintenance. Zip Your Flyer has an in-house research team that constantly keeps lists up-to-date and not only removes anyone that unsubscribes but also takes off anyone who does not routinely open email flyers. If an email address is still valid but NOT opening flyers… you SHOULDN’T pay for it! Lists are updated all day, every day with our research team. Lists are provided by over 14 years of subscribers, also from state and local associations and national real estate brokerage partnerships.
  7. Trusted for Over 14 Years – We were founded by agents over 14 years ago and have led the way for the real estate email marketing industry. Zip Your Flyer has the proprietary in-house technology to manage well over 1,000,000 agents in our database while integrating with our own sending infrastructure and proprietary E-Flyer creation software used by our designers. We are truly built from agents to meet the needs of other agents. We still operate as a family business and we will always work to exceed your expectations.
  8. Everyday Savings – We offer a Frequent Zip Your Flyer Program which allows you to save the more you order.
  9. Guarantees – Zip Your Flyer will guarantee you at least 10% of all agents in your order’s area will open your listing E-Flyer. Unlike other E-Flyer services that have surfaced in recent years, there are no stipulations to this guarantee. Every listing E-Flyer is guaranteed at least a 10% open rate, regardless of listing age, location or price.
  10. Pay When You Order – Just like anything you order online, you do need to pay for your order at the time of your order. However, we are a family business and we absolutely stand by our product and will do whatever it takes to make you satisfied. We rarely need to refund an order, but if you are displeased, let us know. We have real people that answer the phones and real management to help you.
  11. Proofing Process – Your proof is provided in less than 2 hours and you can approve your proof in the free Zip Your Flyer E-Flyer App or on our website. Zip Your Flyer offers flexibility while agents are on the go.
  12. Testimonials – Business relationships are important, true and valid testimonials matter. We provide full agent names, brokerage names and dates of testimonials to further validate the positive results our customers see and their experience with our company. See Testimonials.
  13. Customer Service – We have real people that answer the phones and are knowledgeable about our product. As a family business, we always stand behind our product. If you need help, it should be easy to get a person. If you have a question, we are here to answer it. There is nothing more annoying than not getting a human on the phone!

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