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Frequently Asked Questions

Real Estate Email Flyers with Real Results!
What Matter Most is Getting Into the Inbox.

Real estate email flyers should not be difficult. Other agents have your buyer and getting your listing in front of them is crucial. Zip Your Flyer is the nationwide leader in agent to agent email flyers sending millions of email flyers every day. A key factor in how good a service will work is how good their email lists are. Zip Your Flyer is the only real estate email flyer company to have an in-house research department that is always keeping our email lists up-to-date. At Zip Your Flyer, our main goal is to get your listing or continuing education flyer makes it into the INBOX. Zip Your Flyer has over 90% inbox placement across all major domains to ensure your flyer gets in front of other agents who hopefully have your buyer.

Q: Why should I use Zip Your Flyer?

We are the most trusted name in real estate agent to agent email flyers since 2005. Zip Your Flyer sends millions of e-flyers every day with over 90% placement into the inbox of real estate agents. Visit our Why Use Us Page for more details.

  • Inman News features Zip Your Flyer’s NEW eVIDEO add-ons and says Zip Your Flyer is “known for its rapid turnaround of agent-to-agent listing marketing collateral” – 6/26/2020
  • Inman News says Zip Your Flyer is “Ideal for All Real Estate Agents” – Inman Technology Review October, 2016.
  • Zip Your Flyer is the first service to pull your listing information from the MLS for you. Just select Fast Lane when you order and only provide your MLS#, Address and Price.
  • Real designers matter – you need to look professional and your listing deserves to make an impact.
  • Agents will see a proof within two hours (place your order by 2pm PST M-F).
  • Properties marketed by Zip Your Flyer have shown to have 22% fewer days on market!
  • As the longest running real estate Email Flyer marketing service we can GUARANTEE your open rate with every listing house flyer.
  • Your email “from” line is your name. Any service that uses your email address as the “from” line is a violation of CAN-SPAM act legislation.
  • Zip Your Flyer inspects all links for any malicious content to ensure the best email deliverability for your E-Flyer.
  • Best designs in the industry: Inman News says Zip Your Flyer has “Sharp, Contemporary Designs” – 2016
  • The Zip Your Flyer E-Flyer App is an industry first for real estate marketing and is internationally patent pending as the only real estate E-Flyer app allowing agents to see marketing from other agents and communicate, share and post flyers to each other and social media. The E-Flyer app is also a way to order and approve your Zip Your Flyer Proof on the go.
  • Finally, we have real people that answer the phones!

NO Commitments, NO Hidden Fees, Easy to Use, Best Designs, Real Customer Support… what else could you want from your real estate marketing company.

Q: How does it work?
  1. Create an account for FREE (this is so you can place orders and see your proofs)
  2. Click Start a New Order
  3. Follow the EASY step by step process to provide your listing information and photos and choose a sample…
  4. We Do The Rest. Our designers will make your flyer and send you a proof within 2 hours. You can then make changes, and once approved we will email your flyer to the delivery area you selected. Get Started Now!
Q: Email List Questions?

Top questions to ask ANY E-Flyer company about their lists… Size is NOT the most important thing!

  • Where do the lists come from? Zip Your Flyer’s email lists come from over 15 years of subscriber interaction along with national brokerage partnerships and from our in-house research department that works closely with real estate boards and associations.
  • How are the lists maintained? Zip Your Flyer constantly removes any agents that unsubscribe (following all CAN-SPAM requirements). Zip Your Flyer also follows email best practices and removes any agents that are not routinely opening and viewing flyers. That last part is key, most other companies do not do this because the email addresses are still valid, but if no one is opening flyers at that email address you SHOULDN’T be paying for it!
  • Do you have any national partnerships or brokerage partnerships? Zip Your Flyer has multiple national relationships as a national approved vendor for all of Keller Williams Realty and also as a national business partner for Realty Executives. We also have hundreds of partnerships with brokerages across the country from RE/MAX, Coldwell Banker, Century 21, Realty One Group, Better Homes and Gardens, ERA, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, Engel & Völkers… and countless others. Visit our Brokerage Program page here.
  • Can I send you my list? Yes, you can send us your list, in order to verify that the email addresses on your list are agents we would need a few specifics. Please call 888-947-8509 with any questions related to this.
  • How often are the lists updated? Zip Your Flyer has a research team that updates our national lists every day, all day long. Constantly adding, removing and updating agents.
  • Do you guarantee an open rate based on your list? Yes we do! Zip Your Flyer is the first real estate marketing company to offer guarantees on listing E-Flyers of at least 10%, however it is very common for open rates to be well above that. If something ever goes wrong, we will make it right.
Q: Do email flyers really work?

The more agents that see your listing the faster it will sell; this is a basic principle of marketing. We have over one million agent email addresses in our database nationwide (this does not include anyone who has unsubscribed). Our Email Flyers will make your property stand out and grab the attention of thousands of agents in your area. Properties marketed by Zip Your Flyer have shown to have 22% fewer Days on Market.* See our Designs here.

Q: What is included in the price?

Email Flyer pricing varies by the amount of agents in your selected area. Emails flyer areas start as low as $29.95 for areas of <1000 agents and increases accordingly thereafter. However, the price listed per area is the price you will pay, there are NO hidden fees. The price INCLUDES the design of your flyer by real designers, the email delivery of your flyer, delivery reports, proofing process and an email to your client with the flyer and a note telling them how hard you are working for them. A requested delivery report will show the exact delivery statistics of your flyer and how many agents it was sent to and exactly how many opened it FREE of charge. Click Here for Pricing.

Q: Do I need to create lists?

No, the only thing you need to do is give us the information on your property and WE DO THE REST! We have the email lists and delivery areas that have been created with the input and knowledge of local real estate agents across the country.

Q: Can I use my own flyer?

Absolutely, we will create and code the HTML for the email campaign from your custom designed flyer. Just select Upload a flyer when placing your order, we take care of the rest. As it states during the upload process when placing an order, if your upload requires edits (such as stitching pages together, adding text..etc) we may contact you ahead of time for additional charges of up to $50 depending on the amount of customization needed.

Q: Do you send out educational class E-flyers?

Yes we do! Education is important to keep up your credentialing. Please make sure your class/training even is offering continuing education credits and if not, we will have our customer service manager take a look and approve your flyer content. If you need to obtain management approval, please email your flyer to We will get back to you within one business day.

Q: How Do I Upload My Own Flyer?

Uploading an Email Flyer

Q: How-To Approve Your Proof

E-Flyer Approval

Q: How-To Place a Repeat Order

Repeat an E-Flyer

Q: How does the Order Process work?

You need to place your order through our secure online order form or in our free iOS App. You will choose a design scheme and photo layout, input your listing text and upload your photos and then checkout OR Feel Free to use our Fast Lane Process where we pull your listing details, photos, agent info, logo and agent photos for you (additional $9.95 for this service). Our staff of designers will create your product and load a proof into your account for your approval. You review the proof and either approve it or request text or photo changes. Once you approve, we will schedule your Email Flyer to be delivered to the area you ordered.

Q: May I pay after I see a proof?

No. Just like anything you order online, when someone else does the work you must provide payment up front. We will create and send a proof within 2 hours during our business hours. You will have multiple rounds of proofing at no additional charge and if you have any issues or don’t like the proof for some reason just let us know. Customer service is our top priority, we want to ensure you are happy with the product.

Q: May I order a product over the phone or through email?

No. We are happy to help – feel free to call us if you have trouble, but we do need the order to be placed through our online order process.

Q: How do I reorder a previous product?

Log in and select Place a Repeat Order. You will be able to choose from previous orders and make minor changes to Headlines, Text and Photos. We offer a 20% discount on repeat E-Flyer orders only (discount is taken from previous full price). If you did not have an account when you placed the order, please call our office and our Customer Service Department can help you.

Q: Can I save an incomplete order and go back to it later?

Yes. When you are placing your order, you must complete Step 4 and click Save and Continue. From Step 5 you have the option to Save and Exit.

Q: How do I access past and incomplete orders?

Once you’ve logged in, on the My Account homepage you may view your past or incomplete orders.

Q: What if I forgot something or meant to order a second product on the same listing after I checked out?

Call our office and our Customer Service Department 888-947-8509 will take care of it for you. Or email us at .

Q: How do I use a promo code?

During the checkout process you will be prompted to enter a promo code if you have one. The total amount due will be adjusted accordingly before you check out. Multiple promo codes may not be combined. Promotions are not retroactive.

Q: Will you send a flyer that I made myself? What file types do you accept?

Typically yes, however, we will need to review your flyer first to be sure it meets our delivery requirements. The file should be in PDF or JPG Format. We will not edit an E-Flyer you have designed. We will not email a flyer that has a copyright on it. As a general rule, we allow only one listing per E-flyer unless it is for a broker’s tour or a development. We will adjust your flyer to 680 pixels wide, and its height will adjust proportionally. At this width, it may be no longer than 1500 pixels high.

Q: How does the pricing work?

Pricing for email flyers depends on the area(s) you want them delivered to. Please visit our Email Flyer Pricing Page and then click on your state and you will see the available areas. We only send listing flyers in the state of the listing, or to a neighboring/bordering state.

Q: What does the pricing include?

Pricing includes design of the flyer, embedding links into the HTML, the proofing process, creating the email campaign, delivery reports as an email to your client showing them the E-Flyer and telling them you are working hard marketing their property.

Q: Can I get a quantity discount?

We offer a 10% discount when you order more than one area. Every account is also automatically a part of our Frequent Zip Your Flyer Program – every 7th flyer is discounts by the average of the first 6 (if you typically select the same areas then the 7th flyer is usually free). We also have specials and sales going on at different times. Visit our Specials Page to learn more.

Q: How many areas may I send to?

Any  listing flyer requesting to be sent out of state must make sense to do so. It must border the state, or be a vacation/auction property. For instance vacation property, investment property… we reserve the right to reduce the size of an area if we feel agents would object to receiving the E-Flyer. We generally ask that you include information about the Referral Fee you would be offering to agents out-of-state.

Q: Are there any hidden fees?

No. Pricing is all outlined in our Email Flyer Pricing page and our Terms and Conditions. The only additional fees incurred could be cancellation fees or charges from excessive revisions or design and layout changes – see our Terms and Conditions

Q: May I pay after the E-Flyer is delivered?

No. We require credit card payment upfront, before we begin creating your product.

Q: Do Email Flyers really work?

Yes. Over 80% of our orders are placed by repeat customers who use us regularly for all of their listings. Feel free to visit our Testimonials page which has validated reviews that are date/time stamped. We are proud of our product and we update our testimonials every month.

Q: Where do the email lists come from and are they up-to-date?

We are continually doing our own independent research to keep our lists up-to-date. We work with brokers and boards and also purchase lists. This is a continuous process and our lists are in great shape.

Q: May I purchase your email lists?


Q: Is this considered SPAM?

No. We follow all provisions of the CAN-SPAM act. We remove all unsubscribers immediately so agents who do not want to receive our flyers are removed from our lists quickly and are not a part of the agent count you see on our Delivery Areas & Pricing page.

Q: How can I be sure that you delivered my E-Flyer?

On request, we will email you a Delivery Report that is automatically generated from our system with the delivery of an E-Flyer. This will show the number successfully sent and the number opened. Send your request through our Contact Us page.

Q: Will you send E-Flyers for classes or training events?

The answer is – Maybe.  We generally require that your class or training event offer continuing education credits (CEC) or it will need final approval from a Zip Your Flyer manager.  To obtain approval, please email your flyer to requesting a review.  We will get back to you with an answer within 1 business day.

Q: Will you do a recruiting E-Flyer or one for a product or service for real estate agents?

No. We only do E-Flyers for real estate listings.

Q: How can I print my E-Flyer?

All our E-Flyers come standard with the ability to print a copy for your file. To do so, click on the printer icon at the top of the email flyer. You will see a printable version – print as you normally would for your printer. For high quality print we recommend you add on Print Flyers to your E-Flyer order or buy a Print Quality PDF as an Additional Item when you check-out.

Q: Will you do an E-Flyer for a For Sale by Owner property or for a listing with Limited Service agency?

We will not do E-Flyers for FSBO’s. We will do a flyer if the property is listed with a Limited Service Agency but require that the listing agent be on the E-Flyer.

Q: Will my E-Flyer be delivered into the inbox?

Usually yes. Zip Your Flyer maintains an inbox placement of over 90% across all major domains. Through various certifications that we have earned, we are Whitelisted with most of the major email carriers and spam-blockers. This allows us directly into the inbox with our images enabled. Sometimes an individual’s computer settings will prevent us from getting to the inbox and this is, of course, beyond our control.

Q: Are the E-Flyers viewable on mobile devices?

Yes. Our E-Flyers have been mobile friendly since 2005 as the first real estate agent to agent email flyer company.

Q: Who does the E-Flyer come from?

The E-Flyer will be from the agent/builder/community representing the listing. For example: “Joe Agent of The Best Real Estate Company”.

Q: What is the email subject line?

We will ask you to supply the SUBJECT LINE for the E-Flyer when you place your order. It must be relevant to the content of the E-Flyer and cannot be misleading. We reserve the right to make changes we deem necessary.

Q: May I use the graphics, HTML and/or .jpgs for further marketing on my end?

No. Not without express written permission from Zip Your Flyer. We reserve the rights to all elements in our E-Flyers. Currently we allow you to share your Email Flyer on social media.

Q: May I get a PDF of the E-Flyer?

You may purchase a Print Quality PDF for an additional $15 or for $9.95 if you order the PDF as an Additional Item when you place your order.

Q: May I post the E-Flyer link on my website?

Yes. You must contact our Customer Service Department and request it. We will email you a link that you can post on your website.

Q: May I create a custom area?

Yes, please call us before you start your order and provide detailed information on the area(s) you want. We can create an area based on city or county. We will give you the agent count and price and can add it to your order.

Q: How do I subscribe/unsubscribe from your service?

There is a link on every E-Flyer that we send that will allow you to subscribe or unsubscribe from our E-Flyer deliveries. You may also visit our Subscribe page and subscribe or unsubscribe. Or you may call our toll free number 888-947-8509 and let us know you need to subscribe or unsubscribe.

Q: May I have several listings on an E-Flyer?

No, the limit is one listing per flyer unless you are having a Broker’s Tour or Joint Open House…

Q: May I send an E-Flyer for a dual broker's open or broker's open tour?

Yes. Please contact our Customer Service Department for special instructions and a price quote.

Q: Can you send an E-Flyer to my client?

Yes. If you provide your client’s email address when you place your order, we will send them a link to view the E-Flyer along with a note telling them how hard you are working for them marketing their property.

Q: How quickly will I be able to see my proof?

Proofs will be available for review according to our Proofing Schedule. It will depend upon when we receive your order, but generally orders received before 2:00pm Pacific Time can be reviewed within 2 hours.

Q: What kinds of changes can I make once I see the proof?

We ask you review the proof carefully so you request changes all at one time. You may change text or swap photos up to three rounds of proofing at no extra charge. Zip Your Flyer may institute a charge of $25 charge to completely switch designs if it becomes a habit. Proofs beyond the 4th proof may result in a an additional charge of $10, although we will contact you and do everything we can to avoid that scenario to ensure you are satisfied.

Q: Can you make multiple proofs for me to choose from?


Q: Do I have to review the proof for my flyer?

Yes. We will email and/or text you when your proof is ready for review. You will need to login to your account, look in Proofs Awaiting Approval. From there, you can approve your flyer or request changes.

Q: How do I approve my flyer

You will need to log into your account to review and approve your proof. We do not accept approvals over the phone. Simply follow the instructions on the Proof Approval page. Please note that by approving your flyer you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions.

Q: How can I send you a replacement photo for my proof?

Email them to us. The email address can be found on the Proofs Awaiting Approval page. Please reference your order number and indicate which photo(s) you would like replaced.

Q: Are you able to pull my photos from online for me?

You can use our Fast Lane ordering process which will allow us to pull your photos, listing description, agent info, agent photo and logo for you. You may also use our ordering platform to upload them during the order process or email them in referencing your name and order number.

Q: Can you create a custom flyer for me?

Completely custom flyers are $100 per flyer. We can make small edits to our templates, such as color matching, however we encourage that agents select any of our hundreds of designs that they feel will suit their listing most.

Q: May I email you photos?

Yes. We recommend uploading them when you place your order, however, you may email them to us. The appropriate email address can be found on the Photo Uploads page. When you email them, please reference your order number. Please indicate the order you want the photos to appear on the flyer.

Q: What is the turnaround time for Email Flyers, Print Flyers?

Delivery will depend on the time of day we receive your order and ultimately on the time of day we receive your approval of the proof. Click here to see our Flyer Proof Schedule. For Email Flyers, we need your approval by 3pm Pacific Time, to deliver that same day.

Q: May I request a specific time for my product(s) to be delivered?

Yes. You will see that option when you approve your proof. You choose to either deliver your email campaign ASAP – in which case we will schedule it to go out right away or you can choose to send the flyer at a future time/date. You will choose this at the time you are ready to approve your flyer.

Q: Why should I create an account?

When you create an account you will be able to save a lot of time on your future orders. An account will enable you to save your agent contact information, see previous orders, place repeat orders, save incomplete orders and take advantage of sales and specials.

Q: Can you keep my payment information on file?

Yes. If you create an account and allow us to keep your payment information on file, we will do that. Your actual credit card number and billing information will be stored on the secure server of our payment gateway provider

Q: Is my information safe?

Definitely! We are a verified Authorize.Net Merchant. The credit card number is collected in a secure server (encrypted) environment, through the secure SSL (Secure Socket Layer) channel. Authorize.Net is committed to providing its merchant customers with the highest level of transaction processing security, safeguarding customer information and combating fraud.

Q: How do I update my account info?

To make account changes, login to your account. Under Subscriber Info click Customer Info (edit). Or feel free to contact our office, we are happy to help.

Q: How do I recover my password?

If you forget your password, navigate to the login page and click Forgot your password. Follow the prompts and your password will be emailed to you immediately. Be sure to check in your spam folder if you do not receive it. If you have any trouble you can call our office during business hours and we can reset it for you.

Q: Is there a membership fee to enroll in an account?

No. There are no membership fees or enrollment required. We do offer brokerage incentives and discounts through our free no-obligation High Flyer Brokerage Program .

Q: Will you invoice me?

No. We do not do invoicing. Your credit card receipt serves as your invoice.

Q: Can you resend me my receipt?

Yes. Please give us a call and we can send you a copy. Be sure to reference your order number indicated in your confirmation email. You may also log in to your account, view items under Completed Orders, open the details and choose a printer-friendly version of your receipt. You may view your previous orders under the Completed Orders tab in your account.

Q: Can you provide a W-9?

Yes. You may request a W-9 by calling us. Be sure to reference your order number indicated in your confirmation emails.

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