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INMAN NEWS: Zip Your Flyer joins notable tech entities as member of MoxiCloud – July 13th, 2021

  • Real estate technology company MoxiWorks has added long-established listing marketing software Zip Your Flyer to its list of partners for MoxiCloud. MoxiCloud is the manifestation of the company’s open-platform mentality, an approach that ensures its customers can access a select group of service providers outside of its core value propositions. This new partnership gives MoxiWorks users access to the agent-to-agent listing email flyer service through the MoxiWorks platform, the release states.
    Zip Your Flyer is a content creation and distribution provider for the real estate industry. The company enables agents to generate original listing and branding collateral and disseminate it to custom lists of colleagues.
    Zip Your Flyer has a proven 90 percent inbox placement, according to company statistics.  Agents can quickly import their listings directly into the Zip Your Flyer ordering environment or upload their own flyer with same-day turnaround to save time.
    “We’re thrilled to have Zip Your Flyer join the MoxiCloud partner program,” Krista Thomsen, MoxiWorks’ senior manager of partnerships and integrations, said. “With 16 years of service in the industry, and as a company founded by agents for agents, they know the needs of this industry.”
    MoxiWorks has built a noteworthy stable of partners in its cloud-based network, including, among others, DocuSign, Buyside, RealScout, InstaShowing, DotLoop, ActivePipe, Cal!Action, Rezora and Sisu.

MILE62 PUBLICATION: How to Get More Eyes on Your Listings with E-Flyers – July, 2021

  • Agent-to-agent: How to get more eyes on your listings with E-flyers. Winning a listing is an exciting opportunity, but with that opportunity, comes a lot of work. You fill your coffee, login to the MLS, write about the house, take the pictures you need to take (or hire someone to do so) , head out to put up the sign, get it syndicated online, make flyers, and put it up on your website. *Gasps for air.* After that, you get a virtual tour created, schedule open houses, decide whether to advertise it in the paper or magazines, or online… Yes, it’s a lot! I’m winded just talking about it. But, of course, it’s worth it. When you look back at listings you’ve sold in the past you probably wouldn’t be able to credit just one of your activities as THE reason your listing sold. Maybe one had great pictures, another had a terrific open house or maybe someone just drove by and saw it… so many variables to consider when evaluating what works.But there is always one reason that stays the same – a Selling Agent showed your listing to the buyer. Sending an E-flyer presents your listing to other agents the way you want it to be seen. But what is an E-flyer? …

    As an agent-founded business, Zip Your Flyer understands the needs of agents like you, and set out to prove what they already knew… E-flyers work! Zip Your Flyer surveyed 6 major cities across the nation in each time period and found that properties marketed by Zip Your Flyer showed 22% fewer days on market. This is key, getting out there in front of other agents matters!

    Zip Your Flyer remains the #1 nationwide leader in agent-to-agent email flyers for over 16 years setting the standard for innovation while offering a product that works. Attention to detail and industry knowledge allow email flyers sent by Zip Your Flyer to have an unprecedented inbox placement of over 90%. … If you’re an agent with MoxiWorks, a new partnership with Zip Your Flyer gives you access to the agent-to-agent listing email flyer service through the MoxiWorks platform. This seamless integration will allow you to get your listings directly in-front of other agents with buyers.


INMAN NEWS: Zip Your Flyer announces eVIDEOS, dynamic content for social media marketing – June 26, 2020

  • The Seattle-based, family-owned company helps agents market listings to other agents, and it is now producing animated social media posts for multiple networks. Zip Your Flyer, known for its rapid turnaround of agent-to-agent listing marketing collateral, announced in a press release the availability of eVIDEOS, a dynamic listing promotion tool for social media. The new product uses MLS data to create animated, branded listing posts using rotating property photos, lower-third agent branding and platform-specific sizing. Promos will autoplay when clicked and push interested leads to agent or brokerage websites. Posts can have a number of different designs, including dynamic backgrounds, accentuating graphics, and images that zoom in and out, rotate, and fade. Zip Your Flyer classifies designs as Elegant, Modern, Clean and Artistic. Customers can order and download finished files from their account pages once a flyer design is approved. Orders can also be fulfilled through the company’s iOS app.

Zip Your Flyer Continues to Innovate with AutoPlay Email Flyers. – March, 2019

  • Zip Your Flyer’s new AutoPlay email flyers are the real estate industry’s first selection of easy to order email flyers that have automatic movement inside of the email body for real estate listing flyers. Creating movement is a key component in order to drive the visual message that email marketing is meant to convey. Successful family business, Zip Your Flyer continues to make an impact in the B2B real estate agent marketing industry sending millions of email flyers per day with over 90% realtor inbox placement.
    Yahoo Business: See full text press article here.

First-Class Agency Brokers Guild Real Estate Partners with Nationwide Leader Zip Your Flyer to Expand Agent Marketing Tools. – January, 2019

  • With over 1,100 real estate agents representing the best the industry has to offer, Brokers Guild Real Estate is a real powerhouse agency in Colorado. The family owned and operated companies of Brokers Guild Real Estate and Zip Your Flyer are set to have a seamless partnership to offer their agents additional tools that will boost property sales and deliver great customer service.
    Yahoo Finance: See full text press article here.
    Also see full text press article here.

Leading Independent Brokerage Lyon Real Estate Partners with E-Flyer Leader for B2B Marketing to Grow Sales – November, 2018

  • Lyon Real Estate has served the Northern California market for over 70 years, and closed over $3 billion in sales volume in 2017. Both Zip Your Flyer and Lyon Real Estate have achieved great success as locally owned businesses and have come together to provide a great service to help get listings noticed and grow sales together.
    Yahoo Finance: See full text press article here.

Acclaimed Northrop Realty and Zip Your Flyer Partner to Expand Agent Offerings. – July, 2018

  • Northrop Realty was an Inman Innovator Award Finalist in 2018 with 6 locations throughout Maryland and D.C. “This partnership supports and aligns with each company’s vision of providing the highest level of service and best possible results.”
    Markets Insider: Read full text article here. 

Platinum Realty Partners with Zip Your Flyer – May, 2018

  • Platinum Realty, one of the fastest-growing companies in America recently combined with Zip Your Flyer to expand their technology offerings to their agents. This partnership allowed Platinum Realty offices to directly communicate their marketing and listing updates to other agents.
    See the article here

INMAN NEWS and National Press Release “Zip Your Flyer simplifies agent-to-agent marketing with E-Flyer app” – April, 2018

  • Zip Your Flyer has worked tirelessly to launch the first ever real estate e-flyer app for agents to view flyers from other agents and also order easily. We understand that email gets full, and the app is a great way for agents to view all of the e-flyers that other agents send to them in an easy to use “digital flyer wall” that makes sharing flyers easy and also communicating with other agents, mapping listings and more. “Zip Your Flyer is a great tool for ensuring other agents see the marketing materials you create for your listings.”
    Visit Inman News for full text article
    Full text article is also available here

Integration with dotloop to streamline real estate direct marketing.

  • Inman News states “Marketing company (Zip Your Flyer) is now in the loop with the industry’s most funded transaction management platform” and “it made sense, then, for extremely popular marketing collateral company Zip Your Flyer to shake hands with dotloop” – Inman News.
    Read Article Here 
    Full text also on Inman News.

INMAN NEWS 2016 National Technology Review “Agent-built marketing service Zip Your Flyer (de)signs, seals, delivers”

  • One of the largest and most respected name in real estate news wrote a wonderful article about our overall business as a technology review. Highlights include “user-friendly design interface and a deep library of creative themes”. Top selling points of mention ZipYourFlyer as “streamlined, attractive, professional designs (and) ongoing email list management.” Our list maintenance is always a valid concern for agents, this article addressed that as well throughout their research into Zip Your Flyer, they stated that “the company also has staff dedicated to list maintenance, so senders can be assured that non-respondents are deleted and bad addresses are, well, addressed.” The article summarizes their findings with; “Therefore, Zip Your Flyer can quickly and effectively reduce a number of marketing headaches for real estate agents.”
    Visit Inman News to Read the Article in Full 

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