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More Information on Our Integration with Dotloop

Dotloop is now integrated with the nationwide leader in agent to agent e-flyers.

ZIPYOURFLYER.COM is now integrated with Dotloop – Offering you one more easy way to order! Key Information:

  • Placing an Order – Place your order like always, once you select Start a New Order in the top corner, you can select Email Flyer and then if you want to integrate your Dotloop account just select Start a New Order Using My Dotloop Account. You will then be automatically prompted to login to your Dotloop account and approve the permission for us to access your loop information.
  • What Information Do We Access? – Our authentication will show you a list of your active loops and once selected, we will automatically pull the MLS#, Address, Price and Your Agent Information – You have full control of overriding your agent information at Zip Your Flyer with your Dotloop information or keeping both sets.
  • What if I Need Help Logging in to Dotloop? – During the authentication process you can reset your Dotloop password within our portal, or feel free to give Dotloop a call and they can help you access your account.


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