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Best Practices for E-Flyer Images

Posted on August 3rd, 2016 by Mark Hayden | Categories:

Who Owns your E-Flyer Images?

With the advent of the internet, it has become ever-easier to get information to help your customers sell their listings.  Whether using the MLS, hosting virtual tours, or even sending an e-flyer with ZipYourFlyer.com, the internet makes it easier than ever to do the work of selling homes.  But with all this ease, there is an important consideration:

You might not own the images you want to use to market your listing or service.

Online search engines can yield thousands of thematic images or pictures of homes for the use of your e-flyer.  Some of these are open source images, free for anyone to use for any purpose, even selling a house.  Some images are available through purchase, usually through stock sites or from individual photographers or artists.  Images can even be free for non-commercial use, but require purchase for commercial reasons. Still others are completely unavailable for commercial use and purchase, and are the exclusive property of their owner.

It is important to remember that you are responsible for the images that appear on the advertisements you use!

As technology has increasingly lowered the barrier of access to artists and especially their work, it has also helped to facilitate the ease in access to legal services.  While it is easy to write off a designer or artist as a faceless entity whose art you can simply pilfer at your whim for your own use, these same artists and designers are becoming increasingly savvy when it comes to protecting their rights and property.  Particularly judicious artists and designers can and even will employ attorneys to protect especially treasured assets.

ZYF does its part to protect the interests of third party artists by stipulating in our terms and conditions that our customers must own or have permission to use the images they provide to us. ZYF refuses to use watermarked images on any of our e-flyer designs without the permission of the producing artist.

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4 thoughts on “Best Practices for E-Flyer Images”

  1. Bonnie Wattigny says:

    I am interested

    1. Caitlin Thornburg says:

      Hi Bonnie, please feel free to give us a call at 888-947-8509 with any questions. Our customer service team is here to assist you with anything.

  2. How do you determine what agents to send the flyer to?

    1. Caitlin Thornburg says:

      Hi Todd,

      Whenever an agent orders an email flyer it’s the agent that selects the appropriate delivery based on our researched areas, which you can see here: https://www.zipyourflyer.com/pricing-email/
      In terms of where we get our agent lists: We get our agent lists from many sources – we have a large database of subscribers from over 12 years as the industry leader, we also get them from brokers and boards, from individual agencies and our internal research department. Our agent lists are constantly maintained and anyone who hasn’t opened a flyer in 6 months is removed and also anyone who has previously unsubscribed remains off of our list. You don’t need to pay for anyone who doesn’t want to receive flyers. Also, remember we guarantee that 10-15% of agents will physically open and view your email flyer, you can request a free delivery report 72 hours after the flyer is delivered. Please call 888-947-8509 with any questions. Thank you.

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