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Spring Listing Flyer Designs are Here!

Posted on March 31st, 2021 by Caitlin Thornburg | Categories: ,

Spring-time is the perfect time to add some color to your listing with a high impact real estate flyer. Our spring designs are the most anticipated of our seasonal designs and really grab the attention of other REALTORS® in your area. Other agents have your buyer and catching their attention is the entire point of marketing. MLS hotsheets are a great tool; but they are not marketing. Over 90% of Zip Your Flyer eblasts get into the inboxes of agents across all major domains. Order today and get your listing the exposure it deserves.

ANNOUNCING – Listing eVIDEOS for Social Media

Posted on July 2nd, 2020 by Caitlin Thornburg | Categories: ,

Featured in INMAN News (see article here) – eVIDEOS are a great way for agents to get dynamic marketing content for social media in a cost-effective, attractive format. eVIDEOS are created for agents to use on Social Media across platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…etc. Zip Your Flyer eVIDEOS are ordered as an “add-on” to any E-Flyer order at the time of checkout as an add-on. We know video content is hard to come by, this is an easy way to get video content out there across social media and create dynamic attention for your listings. Add-On to your E-Flyer Order for $34.95.

WHY ORDER a Social Media eVIDEO?

  • We will provide a video file already sized for social media.
  • Our eVIDEOS will play automatically and loop on social media.
  • Show your client how hard you are working for them.
  • Using eVIDEOS on social media is a great way to market your listing.


At the time of order, select which style of eVIDEO you prefer (see designs here) designs include Elegant, Modern, Clean and Artistic. We will use your photos and listing info from your E-Flyer order.


The video file is easily downloaded from your My Account page.

Zip Tips on Common Techniques for Closing Fast

Posted on September 26th, 2018 by Caitlin Thornburg | Categories:

A Bad Virtual Tour Could Cost You Your Sale! ZipYourFlyer.com sends millions of E-Flyers daily and we want to share the good techniques we see for closing listings fast. We know that the more agents that see your listing the faster it will SELL! Don’t wait to get your listing seen, market with the industry leader! With over 1,000,000 agents in a routinely updated database, properties marketed with us have shown to spend 22% Fewer Days on Market!*

Click Here to View our Samples

Or you can always place an order and upload your own flyer, we will still get you a proof within 2 hours.

Please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 888-947-8509 with any questions.


*Findings based on statistical analysis of DOM from Zip Your Flyer listings from Jan.- April 2015 compared with reported DOM market stats in the same time period in same cities.

The E-Flyer App is Here

Posted on April 25th, 2018 by Caitlin Thornburg | Categories:

Zip Your Flyer Announces the Industry’s Only Patent Pending E-Flyer App!

A true industry first for real estate, Inman news says the Zip Your Flyer App “ensure(s) delivery of agent-to-agent marketing materials” in a recent 2018 review of the App.

Released in 2018, the internationally patent pending Zip Your Flyer App for real estate is a true game-changer for the industry. It offers a free interface for real estate agents to share and communicate their marketing with one another to sell their listings. Real estate marketing has definitely changed over the years, and Zip Your Flyer, a multi-million dollar per year family business, has been a pioneer in the real estate E-Flyer industry since 2005 and continues to lead the E-Flyer industry with cutting-edge innovations to truly make the day-to-day activity easier for real estate agents. Our company platform stands behind true customer service with real designers creating every E-Flyer within a 2 hours window and no monthly fees.

Agents have always needed a way to make their listings stand out to other agents, however, MLS Hot Sheets are not marketing!

The E-Flyer App was created to address the loss of control agents feel with their inboxes due to the ever-changing algorithms of their email providers; which often override personal preferences.   More and more, the email you want and need to see goes to alternate folders and the email you don’t want to see keeps coming to the inbox.   With the Zip Your Flyer E-Flyer App, agents are now in control and are notified to see agent-generated marketing for listings in their local area.  E-Flyers no longer need to fill-up an agent’s email, although they can still be received via email if preferred.  Zip Your Flyer’s proprietary sending software is mirrored with the E-Flyer App to allow E-Flyers to display in a real-time feed based on their delivery area when they log in to the App.

This Free E-Flyer App allows real estate agents to view and search E-Flyers in their area; save favorites to forward on to clients or other agents via email or texting of the E-Flyer; quickly map the property; easily communicate directly with the agent on the E-Flyer via text or call and view virtual tours and websites associated with each property. All from a single Free App created specifically for real estate agent’s needs. Agents can also quickly place their E-Flyer orders and approve their proofs while on the go.

The graphics are truly innovative and extremely visual to create an impact feel while viewing properties. View Our Video Here to See the Zip Your Flyer App in Action.

-Caitlin Thornburg, Executive VP of Sales, Zip Your Flyer

Zip Your Flyer Attends KW Family Reunion 2018

Posted on March 9th, 2018 by Caitlin Thornburg | Categories:

Keller Williams Family Reunion

Our team had a great event at the Keller Williams Family Reunion 2018 in



Anaheim, CA. This was our second event with Keller Williams as a member of their National Approved Vendor Program. Our sales team consisted of Caitlin Thornburg, our Executive VP of Sales; Account Executive Sheri Young and Brokerage Coordinator Teresa Oskam.

We met with thousands of KW associates and had an overwhelmingly positive response to our product and family business. This was the first event where our brand new Internationally Patent Pending E-Flyer App was released and shown to the real estate industry. We had great feedback and expect to see great things as agents add the only E-Flyer App to their daily routine. (Check back next week for full details about the new E-Flyer App).

The biggest takeaway from the event was actually the story of Zip Your Flyer. Associates were very pleasantly surprised to find out that we are founded by a real estate agent husband and wife team and still operate as a family business. Real estate is a business based on earning the trust of consumers and agents in return want to be in business with companies they trust as well. We guarantee our product because we know it works and we stand behind it.

We learned a lot from our associates at the event and are always trying to improve our business based on suggestions and feedback from agents.

Thank you to all of our agents for your continued business.

Buyer Needs E-Flyers Are Here

Posted on March 6th, 2018 by Caitlin Thornburg | Categories:

Your Buyer Needs are a big deal in this market. We are in constant communication with agents nationwide, some are feeling the listing shortage more than others. One request we have heard over and over again recently is the need for real estate E-Flyers that are not listing related, but Buyer Needs related.

Have you ever thought of using E-Flyers as a way to get your Buyer Needs out there to other agents?

As the original real estate industry E-Flyer company, Zip Your Flyer has always tried to help agents and respond to changes in the market to suit your needs. With this widespread request, we have now started offering Buyer Needs E-Flyers. One this to consider when ordering or thinking about an E-Flyer related to a Buyer Need is what makes them different than a listing E-Flyer? For starters there is no actual property, so the design of the flyer needs to catch the attention of other agents right away. Also, keep in mind that the Buyer’s main need is the focus; whether it’s a specific location, or a specific sticking point like acreage… make that your banner. See Buyer Needs E-Flyer samples here.

Like all other listing E-Flyers, Buyer Needs E-Flyers still need to be convenient for agents to order so you can be on your way with your busy day. Our real designers still put together these Buyer Needs E-Flyers within a 2 hour window for an agent to receive their proof. A Buyer Need is just as important as a listing, it needs to get out there to agents in the area from our database of over 1 million agents that we constantly update and maintain.

The ability for a company to respond to changes in the market is important. Anytime an agent has feedback or concerns, those concerns are valid. We have understood for years that not all agents want to receive E-Flyers; which is why Zip Your Flyer just launched the first ever E-Flyer ap


p for the industry. Now, you can order your flyers, approve proofs and View your E-Flyers all in an App. It’s a way to see marketing from other agents outside of your email without any cost. The E-Flyer App is Free in the iOS App Store and will be coming soon to the Android platform. This is a great way to gain further exposure for your listing, and now for your Buyer Needs. The Zip Your Flyer E-Flyer app is internationally patent pending and we are very excited to be providing multiple solutions to common concerns agents are voicing regarding an ever-changing market.

Please feel free to call us at 888-947-8509 with any questions, or visit www.zipyourflyer.com for more information.

As a family business founded by agents, we are truly here to help agents with no monthly commitments. You use us when you need to.

Easy and Free Ways to Improve Your Listing Photos

Posted on November 27th, 2017 by Caitlin Thornburg | Categories:

Here are Some Easy Ways for Any Agent to Make Your Listing Photos Look Better!

Photos can make or break the sale of a listing, yet not all agents are able to hire a professional photographer. At Zip Your Flyer we see hundreds upon hundreds of listing photos per day and these tips and tricks can really make a difference for your listing without the photos looking overly produced.

Many agents aren’t aware of the simple free photo editing solutions they already have at their disposal, or perhaps they aren’t quite sure what settings they need to adjust and how to use these free programs.

Most common reasons you may need to edit a listing photo:

1.   There is often too much sky in the exterior image, or the photo is too zoomed out.
2.  Are there actual people in the photo?? See the “before” example shown with people on the sidewalk – simple cropping gets them out of that corner.
3.  Too much darkness either on exterior or interior photos.

Here are some simple photo editing tips that are easy and can be achieved no matter the device you are using.

Are you using your smartphone for photos?

It’s highly likely that your phone has a free photo editing app (such as Google Photos,

Mac Photos or Windows Photos). Once you are viewing a photo on your phone there is usually an Edit option, then a Light/Brightness option. One commonly unknown setting further into these menus for brightness is called Shadows. When you select to edit the Shadows, this will increase the dark areas in your photo without washing out the entire image. This will really brighten up your photo and make the rooms look filled with light and larger in size.

Are you using a digital camera?

The same edit tools as above can also be found when using most digital cameras. Before uploading your photos from your digital camera to your computer try to view them on the camera itself. Then take advantage of the camera’s built-in editing options for Light/Brightness and also the option for Shadows.

Why some photos look over produced:

1.  Playing around with the contrast isn’t bad per se, just don’t overdo it.
2.  Feel free to try and increase color saturation, but again, overdoing it can lead to the colors looking too vibrant and obviously manipulated.

Both your phone and camera also have cropping options, sometimes just taking a step back and really looking at the photo to get rid of some of the neighbor’s house, or some of the sky can bring the house into focus better.

I hope these tips help, small editing can make a huge impact on your listing photos.


E-Flyers! Why would you send them? Do they really work?

Posted on October 17th, 2017 by Caitlin Thornburg | Categories:

When you get a listing, there are so many things to do! You must get it into the MLS, you have to write about the house, you need to take pictures, put up signs, get it syndicated online all over the place, make flyers, put it up on your website, get a virtual tour created, schedule open houses, decide whether to advertise it in the paper or magazines or online…

When you look back at listings you’ve sold in the past you probably wouldn’t be able to credit just one of your activities as THE reason your listing sold. Maybe one had great pictures, another had a terrific open house or maybe someone just drove by and saw it… so many variables to consider when evaluating what works.

But there is always one reason that stays the same – a Selling Agent showed your listing to the buyer. E-Flyers are a terrific way to be sure other agents know about your listing. Of course, most good agents review new listings as they come up on the MLS. Maybe the agent with your perfect buyer doesn’t review new listings regularly, or your listing’s main photo didn’t grab them, or your listing was slightly out of their search parameters. There are so many reasons for your listing to accidentally get passed by and excluded from their searches, while it might be just what their buyer is looking for.

Sending an E-flyer presents your listing to other agents the way you want it to be seen.   Maybe the brand-new kitchen should be the focus, or a terrific view or the large yard. E-flyers let you showcase the best features of your listing and grab the attention of other agents.

Choosing the right E-flyer Company then becomes the challenge. There are many questions to consider to really be sure you are getting what you pay for and that you are represented in a professional way to your fellow agents.  As the nationwide leader in real estate E-flyers, sending millions of E-flyers per day, we want to share some valuable tips and resources with the real estate community. As an agent-founded business, we understand the needs of agents and we set out to prove what we already knew… E-flyers do work! We took 6 major cities across the nation in a given time period and found that properties marketed by Zip Your Flyer showed 22% fewer days on market. This is key, getting out there in front of other agents matters!

Make sure you determine which pricing model is right for you. Do you want to join a model where you pay a monthly fee or commit to purchasing a certain number of email flyers throughout the year?  Agents pay monthly for so many products, Zip Your Flyer feels that E-flyers should truly be a service you only pay for when you have a listing and whenever you need an E-flyer.

Customer Service is a phrase that gets used a lot.  It is always refreshing to be connected to a Customer Service Representative right away.  Doesn’t happen too much these days.  It should be easy to call a company and get quick answers to your questions or concerns. Real customer service, and real designers are an integral part of your experience to ensure your professionalism is carried through in your marketing.

With the right company, E-flyers are a professional way to get your listing out in front of agents.

E-Flyers By The Numbers

Posted on August 15th, 2016 by Mark Hayden | Categories:

It costs less than $50 to email one of our e-flyers to a list of 5,000 agents.  Does that sound like a lot?  Let’s look at the numbers!

E-Flyer Pricing Matters! When a customer purchases one of our e-flyers, we send it out to one or more of our regional lists.  Lists composed exclusively of interested real estate professionals!  To ensure that our lists remain effective, we make sure to keep them trimmed of agents who do not open e-mails from us for more than six months.  We also gladly remove any parties who do not wish to receive our e-flyers, which not only keeps us in compliance with the CAN-SPAM act of 2003*, but benefits you by removing agents uninterested in receiving our e-flyers.  This keeps our prices low by reducing the “bloat” of uninterested parties.

Say a given list has 5,000 agents; of those, we guarantee that at least 10% of those will open a given e-flyer.  This might not sound like a lot, but as e-flyers go, it’s a solid number!  At this point, usually about 10-15% of the agents who received the flyer have opened it, so about 500-800 agents have now seen the flyer.  Based on that open rate alone, 650 agents would see that the $50 flyer; this works out to about $.07 cents per agent who opened the flyer!

ZipYourFlyer.com also includes flyer design in its e-flyer prices, and we offer a choice of any of our superb design schemes! All a customer has to do is upload text, pictures, contact info and property info. Within a few hours one of our skilled designers (maybe even yours truly) will send a proof for approval. After the client makes revisions, one of our specialists will send the e-flyer to the specified area.  Some companies would probably charge $50 dollars for the flyer alone, without even offering the ability to send it out!

I may be biased, having made a few thousand of these e-flyers in my time here at ZYF, I can speak for the process.  Maybe it’s the Stockholm syndrome, but I love the job I do, and I think it’s reflected in the quality of the work I put out.  And yes, my dedication to making an excellent product comes standard and at no extra cost; no matter if it’s a no-frills Simple design, or one of our more flowery offerings like Claret or Rustic.

ZYF offers a great products, good prices, and I’m more than happy to work on your next order!  To see some samples of our final products, check out our Facebook and Twitter pages!

*The Federally enforced law which sets standards for sending of commercial e-mail.

Best Practices for E-Flyer Images

Posted on August 3rd, 2016 by Mark Hayden | Categories:

Who Owns your E-Flyer Images?

With the advent of the internet, it has become ever-easier to get information to help your customers sell their listings.  Whether using the MLS, hosting virtual tours, or even sending an e-flyer with ZipYourFlyer.com, the internet makes it easier than ever to do the work of selling homes.  But with all this ease, there is an important consideration:

You might not own the images you want to use to market your listing or service.

Online search engines can yield thousands of thematic images or pictures of homes for the use of your e-flyer.  Some of these are open source images, free for anyone to use for any purpose, even selling a house.  Some images are available through purchase, usually through stock sites or from individual photographers or artists.  Images can even be free for non-commercial use, but require purchase for commercial reasons. Still others are completely unavailable for commercial use and purchase, and are the exclusive property of their owner.

It is important to remember that you are responsible for the images that appear on the advertisements you use!

As technology has increasingly lowered the barrier of access to artists and especially their work, it has also helped to facilitate the ease in access to legal services.  While it is easy to write off a designer or artist as a faceless entity whose art you can simply pilfer at your whim for your own use, these same artists and designers are becoming increasingly savvy when it comes to protecting their rights and property.  Particularly judicious artists and designers can and even will employ attorneys to protect especially treasured assets.

ZYF does its part to protect the interests of third party artists by stipulating in our terms and conditions that our customers must own or have permission to use the images they provide to us. ZYF refuses to use watermarked images on any of our e-flyer designs without the permission of the producing artist.

Please remember to check our facebook or twitter pages for our latest promotions and samples! ALSO remember, you can subscribe for free to be the first to know of New Listings, Broker’s Opens, Special Agent Commissions… and much more in your area.

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