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Composing Effective Real Estate Flyers (part 1)

Posted on June 27th, 2016 by Mark Hayden | Categories:

“What can I do to Create Effective Real Estate Flyers?”

Of all the materials our clients submit to us in the e-flyer creation process, one of the most critical is also one of the most banal: the body text or summary.  This is a part of e-flyer creation that is easy to overlook and can be difficult to put together; after all it is real work!  A decent body text requires facts, attentive composition and careful proof reading.  And at the same time it requires a light touch; too much verbosity and designers like me have to begin reducing the font size and spacing, which hurts legibility.  If space is truly at a premium you might even feel compelled to begin abbreviating terms, which can work well enough to a point.  Ultimately your flyer’s audience will want to spend more time reading your body text than deciphering the mysterious abbreviations you use.

The body text is basically your domain: as much as we designers might want to, we are generally discouraged from taking artistic liberties with body text.  We have a prerogative to make sure our flyers go out without glaring grammatical errors or typos, but that ends when it comes to issues of style.  I for one encourage you to write out your words, instead of using abbreviations; this makes it quicker and easier for designers to proof read as we don’t have to hunt around for definitions to more obscure (or completely fabricated) abbreviations.  If it makes it easier for our designers to read, it surely makes it easier for your audience!

When it comes to Headers and Sub-headers, ZYF’s policy becomes a bit more stringent; with these items we spell out completely in order to make them as clear and legible as possible.  So we suggest you avoid abbreviations, but what else can you do to improve your flyer’s legibility?  Check out the second part of this two of this blog entry!

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