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Writing For Real Estate Flyers – Location, Location, Location!

Posted on May 26th, 2015 by Mark Hayden | Categories:

Writing for Real Estate Flyers is a new series of articles for the ZYF blog. This series is designed to help agents look at common real estate phrases in new and critical ways.  In this series we will showcase and discuss common phrases encountered in real estate marketing.

Of all the clichés I see, none of them quite irks me like “location, location, location!”  It is one of the most common phrases I encounter while designing real estate flyers.  It is also, unfortunately, one of the least helpful.  Here is why:

“Location, location, location!” doesn’t actually say anything at all.  It tells a potential client nothing about the property in question, other than vaguely suggesting that something about where it is might be good.

Location is important and people know it.  Clients know it, agents certainly know it.  What makes this location (your listing) so good?  Your potential clients need to know!  Instead of stating truisms about the importance of location, tell you prospective clients about the location.  Let the listing do the work!  Tell them about proximity to stores, about schools, transit, prestige, or whatever selling points a given location boasts.

Yes, location is very important.  But tell us what makes this location so good.

The origins of this almost universal phrasing are muddled (and probably lost to history) but the basic message is that “The three most important things in real estate are location, location and location.”  We get it.  Location matters.  Unfortunately the phrase is often used for its own sake, appearing on real estate flyers without any real context provided.

This is where location, location, location fails agents; it is not enough to say a place is great: tell us why a place is great.

Give your potential clients a clue! Instead of rehashing an old phrase, give them some fresh, new information about the listing!


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