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Save Time With Our Fast Lane Ordering Process

Zipyourflyer.com’s E-Flyer Fast Lane

Introducing: Zipyourflyer.com’s NEW Fast Lane Zipyourflyer.com is a leader in the real estate e-mail flyer market, with great products, delivery, and customer service. Zipyourflyer.com uses a unique design process that puts our clients in charge of the content of the e-flyer. Our design and e-mail staff then create the final product and send it out to our lists… >

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Keller Williams Approved Vendor

We Are Now A Nationwide Keller Williams Approved Vendor

Family owned ZIPYOURFLYER.COM earns prestigious relationship with Keller Williams Realty Lynnwood, WA – October 3, 2016 – Family owned business, ZipYourFlyer.com is now a member of the nationwide Approved Vendor Program for Keller Williams Realty; the world’s largest real estate franchise by agent count. This relationship provides all KW associates with exclusive benefits to get… >

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E-Flyers By The Numbers

It costs less than $50 to email one of our e-flyers to a list of 5,000 agents.  Does that sound like a lot?  Let’s look at the numbers! E-Flyer Pricing Matters! When a customer purchases one of our e-flyers, we send it out to one or more of our regional lists.  Lists composed exclusively of… >

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Best Practices for E-Flyer Images

Who Owns your E-Flyer Images? With the advent of the internet, it has become ever-easier to get information to help your customers sell their listings.  Whether using the MLS, hosting virtual tours, or even sending an e-flyer with ZipYourFlyer.com, the internet makes it easier than ever to do the work of selling homes.  But with… >

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Planning for Future E-Flyer Orders

Ensure Your Future E-Flyer Orders Are Ready On Time! Hello, ZYF E-Mail Deliverability Specialist Aaron L’Heureux (“La-Roo”) here once again to give you some helpful e-marketing advice.  Today I want to show you the best ways to ensure your time sensitive listings can be delivered punctually. The Single Best Way To Ensure Timely Delivery Is To Order… >

Posted on July 19th, 2016 by Mark Hayden | Categories:

Composing Effective Real Estate Flyers (part 2)

In our last entry about composing effective real estate e-flyers… I strongly suggested that agents avoid using abbreviations when composing the body text of your e-flyer.  I’ll use this article to cover a few additional tips to help make your e-flyer the best it can be! Pursuant to our last entry, we’ve already emphasized the “quality over… >

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Options for E-Flyer Fonts

Your Flyers, Your Fonts

A SET OF BIG, BOLD CAPITAL LETTERS WILL GRAB THE ATTENTION OF YOUR AUDIENCE. Many of our most popular e-flyers feature “script” or “cursive” typefaces meant to represent ornate handwriting.  While appealing to the eye, script typefaces are often meant to be used in the lowercase, while the uppercase lettering is larger and more ornate… >

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Composing Effective Real Estate Flyers (part 1)

“What can I do to Create Effective Real Estate Flyers?” Of all the materials our clients submit to us in the e-flyer creation process, one of the most critical is also one of the most banal: the body text or summary.  This is a part of e-flyer creation that is easy to overlook and can… >

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virtual tour small url image

Small Virtual Tour URLS Make a Big Difference!

Our E-Flyers Make Long Virtual Tour Links a Cinch! When our customers request the inclusion of Virtual Tour links in their orders, we are generally happy to comply.  Though Virtual Tour links can often appear large and ungainly, we can generally hide this fact thanks to the HTML that our flyers use.  Instead of having… >

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Sell Listings Faster

Sell Listings Faster!

ZipYourFlyer.com has been helping agents to sell listings faster for over 11 years! For years our professional designers, superb customer service and excellent flyer and email flyer products have helped thousands of agents successfully market their real estate listings across the United States.  Beyond our self-evident success as a company, we have received various accolades… >

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