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Nothing Left To Add: The Virtue of Simple E Flyer Design

Keeping your e flyer design simple can make it easier to read and more accessible.  This is especially true of the body text! “A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” Antoine de Saint-Exupery While a potential client will often first notice… >

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Options for E-Flyer Fonts

ZipTip – Choose Your Own E-Flyer Fonts

“Is there any way I can choose my own e-flyer fonts?” This is a question our customer service representatives hear weekly, if not daily.  Many agents assume that the e-flyer fonts we use with our designs are set in stone, but I am happy to tell you that they are not! One of the many… >

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Another Perspective on Your Real Estate E Flyer

How much time do you spend admiring the exterior of your home? Each month the ZipYourFlyer.Com will showcase one outstanding real estate e flyer and discuss in some detail what makes it shine. A real estate e flyer of the month, if you will! Our very first flyer of the month is for a Nevada Listing. … >

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Writing For Real Estate Flyers marketing campaigns

Writing For Real Estate Flyers – Location, Location, Location!

Writing for Real Estate Flyers is a new series of articles for the ZYF blog. This series is designed to help agents look at common real estate phrases in new and critical ways.  In this series we will showcase and discuss common phrases encountered in real estate marketing. Of all the clichés I see, none of… >

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Your E-Mail Yourself

E-Mails and Agents

E-mail addresses on E-Flyers are often an important part of an agent’s first impression. Most of the flyers put together by our designers include a contact e-mail address for the agent or brokerage sending the flyer out.  While superficial, certain assumptions can be made about an agent based on the e-mail address they use, and not… >

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E-flyer tips for real estate marketing

E-Flyer Know How: Print Your Own Flyer!

Did You Know… …that along with our real estate e-flyer and print services, ZipYourFlyer.com offers high-quality PDFs (Portable Document Format)?  For $9.95 at checkout of an E-Flyer or Print flyer order customers can purchase a high resolution PDF file.  (The cost is $15.00 if the order is placed after checkout). This file allows our customers to print their own flyers… >

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zyf customer service picks up!

ZYF Customer Service Stands Out!

What does ZYF Customer Service do to Help Me Send my E-Flyers? When calling us for the first time, many potential customers ask the ZYF customer service representatives “What sets ZipYourFlyer.com apart from different real estate flyer companies?” The ability to call a real, live person to ask that question, for starters!  ZipYourFlyer.com employs several… >

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A discount with every 7th flyer order

Discount Your Flyer

“May I have a discount?” This is a question we field weekly, if not daily.  Along with the occasional promo discount codes we post to our Facebook or Twitter page, Zipyourflyer.com offers a wonderful incentive program that we like to call our “Frequent ZipYourFlyer” program.  This program is designed to award loyal customers who place orders with us time and… >

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Getting Started…

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” Samuel L. Clemens

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New Zip Your Flyer website

The New Face of ZipYourFlyer.com

So by now you’ve noticed that things have changed quite a bit on our website. Don’t worry – we just got kind of a facelift. We still have the same owner, same great flyers and same great customer service we’ve always had. We have added several new design templates. Be sure to check them out… >

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